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Sex and the City (1998)
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When men say “chicks” in relation to women I feel my brain cells decrease ever so slightly. 

saskia backstage @ fendi a/w14 milan, photographed by harry carr.



me walking into court to testify for your murder

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Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer arriving at the premiere of her new movie The Nun’s Story at the Zurich Cinema in Switzerland, September 2, 1959.

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Echolilia: A Father’s Photographic Conversation with His Autistic Son. Timothy Archibald uses his camera to find an emotional bridge to his son Photographs and text from the book Echolilia: Sometimes I Wonder

 My eldest son was born in 2001. He was always a kid who went to the beat of his own drummer. When he was 5, we began making photographs collaboratively as a way to find some common ground and attempt to understand each other. Soon after we began the project, Elijah was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum. Though the diagnosis gave me the words and history to understand my son better, it didn’t take away the mystery and the need to try to find an emotional bridge to him. “Echolilia” is an alternate spelling of a more common term, “echolalia,” used in the autistic community to refer to the habit of verbal repetition and copying that is commonly found in autistic kids’ behavior. I liked the idea of it: photography is a form of copying. Kids are a form of repetition. And looking at my kid with photography allowed me to see myself a new

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